What is the probate process in North Carolina?

Probate Assets and the Probate Process in North Carolina

Here is a brief, general discussion of the probate process and probate assets. Please see the North Carolina estate administration brochure for a more detailed discussion.

Typical Probate Steps

Unless an abbreviated form of probate is available for a small estate, typically, when probating a Will or a person dies intestate without a Will, the executor of the Will or the administrator of the intestate estate (the “personal Continue Reading …

What estate planning documents do I need?

Powers of Attorney

In my ideal world, everyone would have a financial and health care power of attorney. If a person becomes incompetent without these powers of attorney in place, the Court, if it finds the person to be incompetent, appoints guardian(s) to make financial and health care decisions. These are positions of trust and personal preference. Powers of attorney allow you to make these decisions without the necessity of a court hearing – a Continue Reading …